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As an element of design fonts are a part of a larger element. One of the most crucial, and to be honest, graceful, is typography. Most commonly it is said that typography is the art of arranging letters and characters. It is much more than that?

Font family (typeface) is the group of fonts sharing the same ethos. Examples are Times, Arial, and similar, while fonts are specific form, which includes the style, weight, and size of the typeface, such as Calibri, bold, size 11, and similar things.

Font and typeface are key elements of typography. To find out more about the font family, and which ones to use in modern web design, read this category of Inkyy Web Design blog.

top 10 serif fonts

Top 10 Serif Fonts

Serif fonts have been used throughout history as a vital part of print media. The small strokes, or serifs, help each letter to stand out clearly. As such, we can recognize the letters and words better, which ensures excellent…

The Best Distorted Fonts

Distortion and, in this case, distorted fonts may appear as mistakes in design and art in general. However, designers use distortion as any other tool to express an idea, send a message, and maximize visual impact. Common changes…


Graffiti is writing or drawings made on the wall, or another surface, usually as a form of artistic expression. They have existed since ancient Egipt and Greece but, in more recent times, became a part of hip hop and urban…