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General category, or Other category, as Inkyy team named it. This category contains different kinds of articles. In this category, you will find out different and unique information about web design or design in general. A variety of good, properly written, and helpful articles for a designer.

Branding, designing, development, or all in one, Inkyy will take care of your website, online shop, or, so to say, the online part of your business. Inkyy Web Design Studio will allow your business to flourish and reach new heights. We will take care of you, and trust us, you will not regret choosing us.

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Welcome to Inkyy Blog

What is Inkyy? Inkyy is a small, but capable and extremely dedicated team of designers and developers. We have worked together for over 5 years on various projects across multiple freelance platforms. As you probably already know, most…