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10 Most Inspiring SEO Learning Techniques

There is nothing more adaptable in nature than the world of search engine optimization. Although the fundamentals always remain the same, the changes in Google’s algorithms make it difficult for digital marketers to stay ahead in the competition and retain a high rank in the search result. With so many SEO techniques at hand, it is often hard to determine which one to stick with and which one is safe to be overlooked. Hiring an SEO agency can help you do your task more effectively, but here are some tips that everyone should know:

Removing the Items Reducing the Loading Time; we can all recall when even the websites used to take minutes to load found in Google’s top ranking. Websites that take time to load turn away the users instantly. Therefore, remove all the items such as images or icons from your website that are slowing down your website’s loading speed. 

Linking to Other Relevant Websites:

People often ignore the content and niche of the website they are seeking backlinks from. Switching to an irrelevant website instantly through the backlink can be annoying for the users. Make sure to get backlinks from only the websites with the same niche as your website have and have quality content. 

  • Using Keyword Golden Ratio:

Keyword golden ratio is a technique introduced by Doug Cunnington and is beneficial, particularly for beginners. It is simple to find a keyword with very little content available on the internet, so it is easy for you to get ranked for them. 

  • Getting Keyword Idea from Your Competitors:

Why spend hours searching for a keyword when your competitors have already done that for you? This is the easiest of all techniques. All you need is to have a keyword tool and a list of your competitors. When you enter your competitors’ domain, you will get a list of keywords ranked. If your content is good, you will outrank your competitor. 

  • Internal Linking:

Do not underestimate the power of internal linking! A significant improvement is seen in the ranking of pages that have been highlighted through the internal linking. Internal linking allows your users to navigate through your website rather seamlessly, and they quickly get to the pages that make your website look good.

  • Improving CTR:

CTR refers to click-through rates, i.e. how many people click on your website’s snippets displayed on Google. This depends on three factors basically, i.e. how high the snippet is displayed, SERP features and the title tags, i.e. the actual text of the page displayed in search results. CTR can be improved by choosing the right title and for that:

  • It would help if you focused on the keyword.
  • It should not belong.
  • It has to be unique
  • Using the ‘Internal Cliffhanger Technique’:

Once users have reached your page, you need to grab their attention and keep them engaged. The term ‘internal cliffhanger’ refers to the usage of short sentences having a conversational tone. For Example:

  • Have you ever wondered?
  • Let’s dive into the details.
  • Let’s have a look
  • Here is what you need to know
  • For example
  • Want to know more?

Using such sentences helps in grabbing the attention of readers and compels them to read the entire text. 

  • Updating and Republishing Old Posts:

Old posts can decay over time, and the traffic can be reduced gradually. If you don’t want this to happen, consider auditing your content now and then. Update your old posts, add new keywords and republish them. 

  • Optimize the Images:

Images make up 30% of your website and affect the loading speed of your site directly. Optimize the size of the image of your website to give enhance the user experience. Make sure that the size is not compromising the quality of visuals.

  • The Content:

Write for humans, not for the search engines. Your content has to be directed to your target audience. It has to be exciting and engaging for the audience. If your content is appealing, users will remain on your site for longer durations, leading to increased conversion rates.

At times, people focus so much on the content’s quality that they often overlook their readability. No one likes to read long and lengthy paragraphs. Add bullet points and headings to make it easier for the readers to skim through the text and get to the point they want to read.

To Sum It!

These simple yet useful tips can work like a charm for your website. 

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