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Graffiti is writing or drawings made on the wall, or another surface, usually as a form of artistic expression.
They have existed since ancient Egipt and Greece but, in more recent times, became a part of hip hop and urban culture in general.

For some, graffiti is an art form and a way of expression. Others think they are just an act of vandalism.
This debate has been going on for quite some time, and it is still a very controversial topic.

Nevertheless, nothing completes the urban look and feel like graffiti on the wall. Designers embrace the symbolism and versatility of graffiti.
As a result, you can see their familiar yet unique look in all kinds of media.
Here is where graffiti fonts come handy for every designer.

Graffiti fonts come in hundreds of different types, shapes, and styles.
From simple, grungy letters, complicated stylized letters to the ones that feature paint drips.
There is most likely a font suited for the exact thing you need.

To help you out a little, we decided to share some of our favorites.
These will get you started and help you bring that unique urban look to your design.
Please note that some of the fonts on the list do require you to purchase a license.

Here is our list of top 10 graffiti style fonts:

1. Humblle Rough

humblle rought font

2. The Gunslinger

the Gunslinger paint drip graffiti font

3. Most Wasted

most wanted font

4. Don Graffiti

don graffiti font

5. Whatka

whatka clean, cartoony font

6. Wall Hunter

wall hunter cursive,

7. Hoodson Script

8. Urban Decay

urban decay grungy font

9. Sprite Graffiti

10. Empires

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