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Top 10 Serif Fonts

Serif fonts have been used throughout history as a vital part of print media. The small strokes, or serifs, help each letter to stand out clearly.
As such, we can recognize the letters and words better, which ensures excellent readability.
Serif fonts are regarded as classical, elegant, and sophisticated.

However, the delicate nature and details of serif fonts isn’t as readable on the small screens. That is one of the reasons serif fonts lost a bit of their popularity to sans-serif fonts.
Still, serif fonts will always have a place in design.
If anything, they will make your work stand out more.

Here is our list of some of the best Serif Fonts you can use:

1. Cinzel

Free For Personal Use

2. Bookman Old Style

Bookman old style font
Free For Personal Use

3. Bodoni

Bodoni Font
Free For Personal Use

4. Argo

argo serif style font

5. Garamond


6. Silk Serif

Silk Serif font example
Free For Personal Use

7. Narziss

narziss serif font
Free For Personal Use

8. Manti Slab

MANTI SLAB font serif style
Free For Personal Use

9. Museo

Museo Serif Font Example
Free For Personal Use

10. Saonara

Saonara Serif Font Example

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