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Follow These Steps For Better Redesign of Your Website

Did you recognize that bad web design can hurt conversions and sales? An unattractive site deserves a redesign of the website.

Regardless of the scale of activity of your company, it’s crucial that you simply strategically approach the redesign of the website. Know what’s not working, what’s currently working, and what goals you would like to attain.

Otherwise, how will you utilize your existing web traffic? Worse, what happens if your web design causes people to avoid visiting your site at all?

Let’s go!

What is Website Redesign?

A website redesign is also an in-depth process of redesigning your website, which needs to update the content, refreshing the layout, and improving navigation for better conversions and website performance.

Your website is the face of your business and forms the inspiration of your digital identity. The website consists of two parts – the background and also the interface. Security or code drives the website and its functionality, while the front determines the planning of your website. Website redesign is an overhaul of either (or both) of those two parts.

Let’s dive into the foremost practical steps in designing your website:

Have a Plan

Now that you have recognized that your site probably needs some improvements, it is time to travel back and make an idea with details on the way to pander to them.

Start by mapping your customers’ travel from the primary visit to your website to the time they become a customer.

When you do that, give some thought to which pages they’ll review, which content they’re going to read, and which bids they’re going to convert. Understanding this may facilitate your design of an internet site that truly helps nurture potential customers through the sales left.

Analyze the Current Website

To fix a schedule, you need to first identify areas that require improvement. Don’t rush to revise your website and prioritize the changes you wish to work out.

Photo by Stephen Phillips - on Unsplash

After the investigation, you may know which elements should be excluded from the redesign of the website. This approach will provide better decision-making after you refine your strategy for the most effective results.

Determine Your Website Redesign Goals

What is the “why” behind the redesign of your website? When brooding about a redesign, there should be an honest reason behind it.

If you answer with “well, it has been a long time since we did it” or “my competitor just did a redesign”, those reasons alone don’t seem to be adequate.

Remember: It isn’t only what your website appears like, it is also about how it works. Be crystal clear about redesigning a website and link those goals to measurable results.

Implement Calls-To-Action

Once visitors come to your site (probably via a blog or homepage), you wish to direct them to an area on your site to assist encourage them to convert. People tend to be lazy, so you need to make this easy for them. Point them in the right direction so that they do not have to struggle to seek out what they’re trying to find.

One of the simplest ways to enhance your web design with this in mind is to use strategically placed calls to action in areas like the highest right of the navigation, below the sections that need action, and at the underside of the pages of your online page.

Understand UX – User Experience

To increase the recognition of a website, you must think sort of a user.

To begin, understand the aim of your target marketplace for visiting your site, so create a checklist. Ideally, it’d be best to plan the navigation and main menu in terms of user travel.

For example, if a visitor finds information about your product or service with some clicks, there’s an honest chance that visitors will return to your website.

Check Out Your Competition

Watching the competition could be a good way to work out what others in your industry do and the way you may potentially do better.

If your competitor is admittedly successful, attempt to learn why. What are they doing with their website and you’re not? It can facilitate you pretending to be a customer and appearance at it from that angle then compare your two websites. Note specific areas where you’re lagging and set goals to boost them for a redesign.

Stay Mobile-Friendly

These days, it’s crucial to require the time to optimize your mobile website.

Responsive Design - Website Redesign Example - Inkyy Web Design & Branding

It is necessary to adapt your website to suit the requirements and desires of your visitors. Ask yourself, why would anyone access my site from a mobile device? What things would you look for? Does my experience currently allow them to try and do these items easily?

Using Inkyy’s website as an example, you’ll be able to clearly see how sites for computers and mobile devices are extremely similar. So, when users go and forth between the 2 overtime, there are similarities between them that make the employment of the website known.

Make Sure It’s Responsive

Users check your website on their phones and tablets, so you wish to form sure it’s up to the task.

This means that your website must respond – it must be ready to reconfigure and support the scale of the screen and therefore the user’s device. Visitors increasingly expect this from their browsing experience, and if you don’t have it, they’ll look elsewhere.

Review & Launch

The final part of the website redesign process tests the newly developed website. during this phase, you test the website to make sure that it’s functional, error-free, that the forms work, and, most significantly, that the website works for all told browsers and on all devices. If all is well, sign off after you start the webpage.

Website Redesign for Resume Cats by Inkyy Web Design Studio

A website redesign may be overwhelming with all the changes that are made. But at the top of this detailed plan, you’re certain to get a website that you just will like!


Before you begin an internet site redesign project, explain why you’re embarking on this journey. As an example, if your target market or main offer has changed, you would like to alter the brand of your website, ensuring that you simply will still be ready to persuade them to become customers along with your new website design.

For all of you who are marketing yourself, this checklist could be a good way to clarify your vision and find organized. By taking these steps, your website redesign will become stress-free (Well, a minimum of less stressful).

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