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20+ Gaming Mascot Logo Ideas

Gaming and eSports are rising in popularity right now. Therefore, it has become a necessity for most streamers, professional teams, or even amateur gaming crews to have a logo.
Over the years most, of them follow a specific style. As a result, you can recognize gaming logos by having detailed mascot illustrations with strong, sometimes futuristic font and rich, vibrant colors.

Here are some of the best Gaming and eSport logos that we use for inspiration:

1. I Am Cryok

I am cryok man in the cryogenic chamber

2. Angry Hydra Mascot

3. Osh Tekk Warriors

4. Kabuki Esport Mascot

kabuki sport ninja logo character
by Didier

5. Natsu Anime inspired eSport Mascot

6. Ninja Mascot Logo

7. Ape 300

angry ape with a roman military helmet logo
by Gudkraf

8. Goblin Gaming Mascot

9. Saber-tooth Blood Thirst Mascot

saber-tooth bloody mascot

10. Linces Gaming

11. Archer Mascot

archer with a helmet mascot for esports
by Mike

12. Cutlass Pirate Gaming Mascot Logo

pirate with dual cutlass mascot
by JP Design

13. Fable eSports Barbarian Mascot

a man wearing a beast character logo
by Dlanid 

14. SiK NasTy esport team

15. Banana Gaming Mascot Logo

16. Tribal Lion Mascot

17. Alien Monarch

18. Kraken Gaming Lounge Logo

19. Storm Wolves

wolf biting a lightning mascot logo
by Igor Mariev 

20. Pro Gaming Skull Mascot

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