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20+ Creative Wolf logos for Inspiration

Wolf is arguably the most respected and equally feared animal in the world. Its symbolism ranges from loyalty, guardianship, and wisdom to death and destruction.
With deep roots in most cultures today, it is no wonder wolf logos are extremely popular.

Here are the best examples of wolf logos to help you get inspired:

1. Negative space Wolf Logo

negative space wolf logo
by Yoga Perdana

2. Wolf Logo in Ying Yang shape

ying yang white and black logos
by Jord Riekwel

3. Minimalist Wolf for Northman Brewing

vintage minimalist wolf logo design
by Sean Heisler

4. Wolf Racer Mascot

by Ivan Kotliar

5. Simple Wolf Iconh

minimalist wolf logo icon design
by George Bokhua

6. Aggressive Wolf Illustration

by Victor Sukhochev

7. Storm Wolves Mascot

wolf biting a lightning esports mascot logo design
by Igor Mariev

8. Low poly style Wolf

low poly style wolf mascot with wise eyes
by Yakob Dedi

9. Raven and White Wolf

white and raven ying and yang circular logo
by Aldo Hysenaj

10. DJ Wolf Minimalist Logo

minimalist bar white and black dj wolf logo
by Yuri Kartashev

11. Amber Crossfit Negative Space Logo

by simc

12. Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C.

13. Majestic 2 style logo

by simc

14. Blue Wolf

by matthieumartigny

15. Clever Culinary Equipment Logo

by alexmark

16. Wolf Leaf Logo Design

by Stefan Ivankovic

17. Orange Gradient Logo

orange gradient minimalist wolf
by Aaron Sampson

18. Howling Wolf Design

howling wolf black and white
by krasnoshchek

19. Wolfsclan Mascot Logo

complex wolf mascot
by RaidenD

20. Wolf Howling at the Moon Logo

wolf howling at the moon logo design
by Skydesigner

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