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The 20 Best CrossFit Logos

The idea of CrossFit training was conceived in the mid-’90s by Greg Glassman and Lauren Jenai and the duo founded the company under the same name in 2000. Since that time, CrossFit has become a worldwide phenomenon that is being practiced in more than 13.000 gyms around the world.

The creators of CrossFit refer to it as both a philosophy and a comparative sport that combines the elements of gymnastics, powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting and several other types of fitness training. The exercises are adjusted to both experienced athletes and older people who are looking for an efficient way to stay in shape and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

The WOD or the Workouts of the Day routine is at the very core of this strength and conditioning program that can be modified in scale and intensity to meet the needs of everyone who wishes to adopt it. However, CrossFit can’t be practiced at any gym, since the equipment that is necessary ranges from barbells and dumbbells to medicine balls and resistance bands.

Consequently,  the original CrossFit gym that is based in Santa Cruz, California licenses its brand to gyms for a yearly fee and it offers seminars and courses to anyone who wants to become a certified CrossFit trainer. Acquiring a certificate involves going through four different levels of training while opening a CrossFit gym requires you to have a level one certificate issued by the CrossFit INC. Moreover, each gym that chooses to incorporate CrossFit training into its services, develops their own program, sets of instructions and pricing which allows for a great level of freedom in terms of the exact exercises trainers recommend to gym members.

This means that a gym must develop its branding and an easily recognizable visual identity to promote the CrossFit services they offer. A logo is a seminal piece of each brand’s identity. Gym owners must dedicate extra attention to selecting a logo that perfectly reflects their values. Before you hire a designer, you must first have at least some idea of what your logo should look like. There are so many different solutions that can effectively promote the CrossFit training your gym offers.

We’ve done some research for you, and we’ve gathered some of the best CrossFit logos you can find on the Internet. You can simply browse and discover the ideas that embody your vision. Instead of just opting for a generic solution, you should strive for creative and, unique visual style that sets you apart from your competitors. The logos we featured in this article will help you find the ideas that will establish your gym as a leading CrossFit facility in your city, or your country.

Take a look at the 20+ best CrossFit logos we could find:

1. Aesthetic Regime

greek warrior with a sword crossfit logo mascot
by infernal kiss

2.  CrossFit by Reebok

reebok crossfit logo

3. Ground Zero Kettlebell logo

ground zero kettlebell crossfit logo

by Kisidar

4. Singnal Hill Crossfit

hexagonal black and white fitness logo
by Bryan Ku

5. CrossFit 77 So.Try Logo

so.try crossfit 77 logo

by Vance Harden II 

6. Raise the Bar

raise the bar chain crossfit logos

by Asael Varas

7. Hidden Alley CrossFit logo

hidden alley two crossed axes logo
by infernal kiss

8. Iron Element Training 3D Effect Illustration

Iron Element Training 3D Effect Training
by Vespertilio

9. CrossFit Cambridge

crossfit cambridge logo
by Michael Weinstein

10. Amber CrossFit Wolf Logo

amber crossfit wolf logo
by simc

11. Blue Ash Samurai Skull Mascot

Blue Ash Samurai Skull Mascot
by David Baillie

12. Sunburst Crossfit

sunburst kettlebell logo

by Berin Mršo

13. Power Works Rhino Crossfit logo

rhino power works crossfit logo

14. CrossFit Llantrisant

CrossFit Llantrisant bull logo
by Camo Creative

15. Odin Crossfit

odin crossfit minimalist logo
bySeth Sirbaugh

16. Marietta

crossfit marietta bar crosfit logo
by Horrell Design Lab

17. FNC Skull Logo

FNC Skull Logo

18. Mad Apple Crossfit Kettlebell logo

mad apple as a kettlebell crossfit logo

19. 5Valleys Crossfit

5 valleys crossfit


panther mascot logo
by Maxime Harrisson

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