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9 Most Attractive WordPress Themes For Your Web Design

If you want an innovative website, and your project requires a really inspired and imaginative design, this collection of the simplest, attractive WordPress themes will offer you lots of possibilities.

Whether you’ve created a portfolio website, a contract service promotion website, or a network presence for your digital agency or small business, these creative WordPress themes are quite up to the task.

The collection also includes themes covering e-commerce stores, corporate homepages, bars, and restaurants, and several other forms of projects.

WordPress Themes For Beautiful Web Design

Whatever style of website you would like to make, you’re certain to find the correct creative WordPress themes while reading this list:

1. Divi

Divi is a particularly popular topic for designers, and with good reason. It’s an all-in-one theme that enables you to form almost any form of design for a singular website that reflects your style.

Divi a Part of Inkyys Blog List of  WordPress Themes

The Divi contains a visible tool for dragging and dropping pages and comes with 20 premade layouts to assist you to start.

With all of Divi’s options and features, it’s probably the sole topic you’ll ever need. Divi may be a topic to stay in mind as you concentrate on your options.

2. Adios

Adios could be a modern and responsible creative website. As one of the WordPress themes, Adios is fresh and ravishing for creating unique, modern websites. Perfect for every type of application, Adios is nothing, if not flexible.

Coding skills don’t seem to be required to create the simplest use of Adios. Simply select the specified demo website and fine-tune it in minutes.

A list of WordPress Themes in Inkyy Blog - Adios WordPress Theme

Fast coding combined with SEO enhancement makes Adios very competitive, you do not need a giant price to realize top results with Adios.

Elegant elements and modules are at your fingertips, performing your pages in a flash. That’s why artists and artistic webmasters love Adios. It’s a perfect channel for them to channel their artistic vision online in an exceedingly few simple steps.

3. Webify

With extensive features and performance resources, Webify can easily be used as one of the best WordPress themes for designers. It even comes with a bunch of ready-to-use demo content, which needs a fast start to something fresh.

Whether you’re just starting or you are already a longtime designer, an internet site is nearly a requirement in both cases. Once you do business with Webify, you do not need the technical ability to be able to establish a web presence as professionals do.


First and foremost, coding won’t be included. The drag-and-drop technique is the one that saves the day.

The web also comes with plenty of additional material, beautiful galleries, a pretty portfolio, headers, footers, shortcodes. The list of features goes on and on. 

Additionally, you’ll be able to always present your creative touch and customize the online to your liking.

4. Sway

Sway may be a WordPress theme for designers searching for something more. More within the kind of stunning designs, amazing features, elements, blocks, as you say, Sway covers it.

In addition, using the page drag and drop program unlocks unlimited possibilities that may take you to the subsequent level.

Sway One of the Most Used WordPress Themes - Inkyy Blog

Striking animations, a filterable portfolio, a carousel with testimonials, calls to action, social keys, and far other content include Sway.

The theme also loads quickly, adapts to any screen size, and works in great harmony with search engines. Here you’re, share your works and services with the globe using Sway.

5. Calafate

Calafate may be a lively and artistic theme created with the intention of a designer. With it, you’ll be able to quickly and simply create stunning web content or portfolio without the necessity for coding.

The theme has a sexy network layout, with enough space to precise your creativity. It also includes a WooCommerce platform that permits you to push your products or design services, fund billing pages, and process payments in one place.


Calafate is right for designers who want to present their work and place their services on the market. Heaps of cunning portfolio hover styles are yours to settle on from.

Designers love Calafate because it allows them to specific themselves precisely and the maximum amount as they require. Awesome Hero features with custom gradual disappearances are just some clicks away.

You can combine them with single images, image sliders, or maybe video content hosted by yourself. A resourceful search for blogs is additionally provided to speak with the audience.

6. Bridge

Bridge is an awfully wonderful, easy-to-use, and highly customizable tool that may present your brand there. 

With it, it’ll not be a controversy for you to realize new clients and for your work to be noticed and liked on a world level.

After all, with the assistance of an easy website, you’ll reach all corners of the planet and make everyone see what you’re superior at. 

Bridge - WordPress Theme

When it involves Bridge, creativity knows no bounds, except maybe your imagination isn’t functioning at full capacity.

Think outside the box, apply your signature to that and you’ll be able to have a formidable website that advertises your design work. Start with what Bridge must offer and go from there.

7. RyanCV

If you’re searching for the simplest WordPress theme for designers, you better not miss RyanCV. It’s an impressive tool that anyone can use and take full advantage of, whether you’re a beginner or knowledgeable, you may undoubtedly succeed with RyanCV. 

Confined mind, RyanCV even encompasses a dedicated predefined demo only for designers. 


RyanCV supports creating web content with one or more pages quickly and efficiently. It also comes with the Elementor page drag and drops tool for straightforward customization and editing.

Needless to mention, RyanCV also has all the most recent trends, taking care that the performance of your website is top-notch in the slightest degree.

8. Werkstatt

Werkstatt is a wonderful creative portfolio theme specifically designed for designers and design agencies. The theme includes a large library of website demonstrations and 15 portfolio designs to choose from.

WerkStatt WordPress Theme is Included in Inkyy's Blog Article About WordPress themes

Werkstatt has several templates for your homepage and portfolio, and it also has templates for pages, contact pages, blogs, and articles.

In addition to displaying your work, you can easily include a blog on your Werkstatt website if you wish. The theme is drag and drop and it is easy to adapt to your style.

9. Pile

A well-constructed WordPress theme created for creative designers. The creators have added a live preview to this theme, along with some screenshots.

Pile is versatile, which makes it ideal for displaying personal projects and portfolios. Typographers, creative agencies, photographers, and art illustrators can use this great theme.

You need to present samples and demonstrations, and fortunately, Pile has everything you need to make it happen.

Pile - WordPress Theme - Inkyy Blog Article About WordPress Themes

The developers tried to establish a difficult balance, making their product suitable for work, and at the same time, it is artistic and full of personality. 

This also creates a nice sense of restrained energy and untapped potential, which can only be accessed by the best designers.

In addition, it makes good use of screen space, where you will get the impression that something miraculous is hiding under the well-known layout standards.


We hope you enjoyed this list of WordPress themes, and if you have any suggestions or disagree with our list, feel free to leave a comment below or contact us via this form.

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