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15+ Best Construction Logo Design Ideas

The construction industry is one of the leading industries in the world. Companies in this sector create around $1 trillion in structure and infrastructure every year.
Unlike in some other industries where there are giant companies that dictate the market, the construction industry is much more diverse.
As a result, competition is very prominent.

When it comes to branding, companies in this niche primarily need to use an image that radiates trust, strength, and reliability.
Bold colors are very popular along with the classic industry imagery including hammers, bricks, workers, helmets, etc.

Here are the best construction logo design ideas for inspiration:

1. Rhino Excavating Logo

rhino excavating contraction mascot logo design
by Mike Bruner

2. North Construction

Negative space stairs for north construction logo
by Sean Heisler

3. Constravia

constravia building and projects 3d effect logo
by nickosma

4. Architectural Logo

architectural logo design
by Pavlo Plakhotia

5. Brink Construction

old fashion screw and pen logo for brink construction
by Jeff Buchanan

6. S and building logo grid

S and building logo grid
by Tri Asmara | Smara Design

7. Elephant Construction

minimalist elephant shaped as a house construction logo design
by archipelogo

8. Construction Worker

man with a helmet construction worker logo

by kumpparidesign

9. Keystone

keystone worker carrying a steel beam  mascot logo

10. Tribune Construction

tribune construction T letter building logo
by kapinis

11. Steel Improvements

Steel Beam S logo design
by Adolfo Teixeira

12. Arch Letter A logo

armada door  construction letter A logo

by Kanades

13. Building/Construction Logo

by The Logo Smith – Logo & Brand Identity Studio

14. Punchlist Construction

man holding a hammer grainy construction logo design

by William Racule

15. Rockwood Construction


16. Construction Company Logo Design

trench core negative space shovel logo for construction company
by Del Mauricio

17. Vectra Construction

Letter V in green color construction logo

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