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Top Law Firm Logos for Inspiration

Law firm logos, in general, are not the most creative and interesting in terms of design.
In most cases, their branding contains the same, overused elements like judge’s gavel, scale of justice or generic initials.

It is important to be clear in your message and let people easily recognize what you do.
However, that doesn’t mean there is no place for original ideas in law firm logos. Our list contains logos that bring creativity and their own original twist to the otherwise bland design niche.

Here are the best law firm logos you can use for inspiration:

1. Wise Law

wise law owl law logo design
by square69

2. Houston Law Firm

judge's gavel houston law firm logo
by Maskon Brands™

3. Viridial Legal Service

Viridian Legal Services logo design
by Md Hanif Mahmood

4. Henry Eye Law Service

Henry Eye Legal Services Logo
by Kanades

5. Midas Law

Midas Law logo design
by Dániel Domonkos 

6. Peter Harrison Attorney At Law Monogram

Peter Harrison Attorney at law initials logo design
by Dusan Klepic 

7. Graham & Hales Accountant Firm Logo

Graham and Hales law firm logo
by Lisa Jacobs

8.Sam Law Firm Logo

Sam Law Firm Logo Design
by Ryan Fauzi 

9. Shield Law firm Logo

Law Firm logo incorporating a shield and a scale of justice
by Ahmed mahmoud

10. Mckenzie Law Firm Logo

lion law firm logo
by Creoeuvre

11. Denktaş Law Firm Logo

denktas law firm own design
by Seyhan

12. Horsley Law Center

Horsley Law Center Logo
by Rifqi Fadhlurrahman Halim

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