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15+ Top 8-bit Logos for Inspiration

Nothing takes us back to early gaming and game console years like pixelated 8-bit art. At first, this was all that could be achieved, and it was state of the art technology.

Game graphics and cover art have massively advanced since then.
However, the 8-bit style is still extremely popular with games like Minecraft and Roblox.

We already talked about retro and vintage logos here.
8-bit logos are similar in being able to bring out the nostalgia and make your brand stand out.

Besides that, it has a distinct aura of geekiness and nerd culture ( not sure if anyone still uses these phrases ).

Here are some of the most creative and best 8-bit logos we could find:

1. 8-bit Spaceship logo

8-bit rocket
by Emir Ayouni

2. We Pixel It 8 bits logo

we pixel it logo 8-bit
by Julie Occhipinti

3. Pixel Skull

8-bit skull logo
by Trevor Basset 

4. 8 Bit Ninja Logo Design

8-bit ninja
by Skydesigner

5. Power Up

power up star in 8-bit logo
by James Speed

6. Sparked

sparked 8-bit style fire logo
by Freek Heyman

7. 8 Bit Dog

animated 8-bit dog with sunglasses
by Ory Casper

8. Suse 8 Bit Logo

suse 8-bit lizard logo
by Austin Johnson 

9. 8-Bit Cloud

8-bit cloud logo
by Sanja Veljanoska

10. Crownbits logo (featured in Crown Logo Ideas article)

crownbits minimalist 8 bit retro games crown logo

11. Pixel Toaster

8-bit smiling toaster logo
by Bojan Petrovic 

12. Full Nerd Cofee

full nerd coffee 8-bit logo
by Hiugans

13. 8iz

8iz pixel ninja 8-bit
by Giyan

14. Cloud 9

cloud 9 pixelated logo
by Musique!

15. Game Fuel

animated 8-bit fire logo game fuel
by Sebastián Pizarro 

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