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20+ Best Examples of Low Poly Logo Design

Low poly is arguable one of the most interesting styles in logo design. Although, sometimes it can be hard for customers to actually describe the style. Our logo designers at have heard lots of different descriptions. From weird colored triangles that form a shape of a logo, to the old computer art style.

More then any other style in design, low poly is able to be geometrical, abstract, unique and nostalgic.

Graphic designers absolutely love this design style. It allows them to let their creativity go wild. As a result, we have many great shapes, illustrations, mascots and, of course, low poly logos.

Additionally, the emotion this style envokes and its eye-catching nature resulted in companies accepting low poly as a part of their branding.

In this post, we have tried to collect some of the best works by famous, and less famous designers. The list will feature lots of different logos used in various industries and niches.
However, one thing they all have in common is technical excellence, well thought out design and of course low poly style.

Here are the best Low Poly logo designs you can use for inspiration:

1. Exoplanet-inspired logo mark

purple low poly planet logo
by Kim Barsegyan | Exokim

2. Q Letter in Low Poly Style

q letter in low poly design style
by Roma Korolev (kaer logo)

3. Hydra Low Poly Logo

minimalist blue low poly hydra mascot
by Alberto Alves

4. Low Poly Lion Logo

blue lion logo
by Doris Gray

5. ‘Polycat’

cat head in low poly style
by Barış Onay

6. Low Poly Bear

by Yakob Dedi

7. D monogram Logo

d letter colorful monogram
by Alex Tass, logo designer

8. Polygonal Tree Illustration

Polygonal Tree Illustration
by Aleksei Vasileika

9. Stacked Anvil Fitness Logo

Stacked Anvil Fitness Logo
by Alex Tass, logo designer

10. Yellow Viper

by Diana D’Achille

11. Book with a Face on Cover Logo

Book with a Face on Cover Logo
by Alexander Wende

12. Low Poly Flying Bird

havsule seabird flying spread wing low poly
by M Vog

13. 3D A Letter Low Poly

3D A Letter Low Poly
by Nikolay Stepanchenko

14. Low Poly Pink Unicorn

pink unicorn logo
by Stevan Rodic

15. Low Poly Wolf Logo

Severe and mindful low poly wolf with his eyes full of wisdom
by Yakob Dedi 

16. Owl Mascot

geometric low poly owl
by Lucian Radu

17. Colorful Low Poly Bird

Colorful Low Poly Bird
by Prashanth

18. Geometric Sleeping Panda

sleeping panda low poly mascot
by Meichi Ng

19. Fox Logo

20. Low Poly Macao

low poly blue and yellow macao parrot
by Diana D’Achille

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