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15+ Best Restaurant Logo Design Ideas for Inspiration

Finding that special logo for your food business is never easy.
A successful restaurant needs to satisfy all of the client’s senses. Before the people can taste or smell the food, they will probably already make the judgment based on the logo alone.
Some of the logo designs for famous restaurants, fast food chains are also one of the most recognizable images in the world

To compete with such strong brands, you need to pair your delicious food with an equally mouthwatering design.

Here are some examples of restaurant logo design you can use for inspiration:

1. Tropical food Restaurant logo

tropical restaurant logo fruit carnival mask and sea
by Inkyy

2. Sushi bar restaurant

by Utopia Branding

3. Coffee house Font based logo

Moka coffee house typography logo design
by Paul Saksin

4. Seafood restaurant brand

Mama Lou's Seafood restaurant logo design
by James Waldner

5. Sandwich bar branding inspiration

3F made out of sandwiches sandwich bar branding inspiration
by Michael Spitz

6. King’s Pizza Mascot design

King mascot with fork as scepter and pizza slice
by Scott Hill

7. French restaurant logo

Curving knife and fork form the two plates on which the name of the restaurant
by Angus Ewing

8. Noodle bar logo

Noodles on the chopstick form oodles noodle bar

9. Pedro’s pizza logo

Logo for a Pedro’s pizza pizzeria
by Stefan Arsenic

10. Mr Bolat kebap and pizza mascot

Friendly mascot of a chef with a mustache
by SOSFactory

11. Meat point steakhouse logo

by Mojo66

12. Vintage Breakfast and Lunch restaurant

Vintage style logo for brunch restaurant breakfast and lunch

13. Romantic Wine bar

by Dragisa Trojancevic

14. Avantgarde restaurant log design

by Sergey Res

15. Black Cat Lounge

by Jacob Weaver

16. BBQ logo

by palmateer

17. Grove Restaurant

by Brood en Botter

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