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Colors & Branding – What You Should Know

Your logo is probably the first thing customers think of when they hear your brand name. Colors have a deep impact on people’s emotions and understanding the science behind colors and how they impact your customers could boost the effectiveness of your company’s branding techniques and strategies.

According to research by WebPageFX, a marketing and web design company, people create an impression about your product in less than 90 seconds of viewing it. Most of them make a subconscious decision based on color alone. 85% of the consumers admit to buying a product due to its color and, 80% of the people believe that colors play a pivotal role in brand recognition.

So, selecting the perfect color palette is going to be the most important choice for developing your brand aesthetic.

Your Brand’s Message

Nobody knows about the strengths and goals of your business more than you. That is why, before you pick the color scheme of your logo, think about the message you want to give to the consumers. The colors you choose should communicate on behalf of your brand according to your brand’s personality.

According to a study, The Interactive Effects of Colors, colors tend to be most effective when they fit the brand. Companies dealing in organic goods prefer natural earthy tones such as browns and greens. A company that is eco-friendly would choose the blue-green palette to show consciousness towards the planet Earth.

What Do Colors Mean For Your Logo?

Yellow: Yellow is a happy color that exudes friendliness. It gives off youthful energy and gives a cheerful message about your brand.

Red: If your brand is loud and bold, red is the color for you. The universal sign of passion and excitement.

Orange: Orange makes you stand out from the crowd although, red is preferred over orange, it is still has a fresh and youthful feel to it.

Purple: It is the color of royalty and luxury. It gives off a wise feel as well along with a tinge of femininity.

Pink: Girls love pink. Nothing works better than pink for your female audience. But with the variety of pink out there it could be youthful and even luxurious.

Blue: It surely is the king of logo colors. It gives a mature and trustworthy vibe.

Green: Green is one of the most versatile brand colors you use. It works great for organic and gardening products. It is also a color used by a lot of financial institutions.

Brown: Go for brown if your brand aims at men. It has a rugged and serious feel.

Black: For the ultimate sleek and classy look, which is also luxurious, black is the color for you.

Gray: With gray, stay in the middle. Not too light and not too dark. It is ideal for a mature look. Light gray exudes accessibility while dark adds a tinge of masculinity.

White: White could work with any brand. It shows clarity, peace, and looks economical. Going with multiple colors is the best way to demonstrate diversity. They make you stand out from the rest and, highlight the special quality of your brand.


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