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Top 25 Feminine Logos you can use for Inspiration

Feminine logos design has moved on from this stereotype, and it went in a more poetic and lyrical direction.
Flowery, pink logo designs that used to be popular among the ladies are nowhere to be seen in the last couple of decades.
Assuming that women still conform to old stereotypes in the age of the ‘Me Too’ movement and gender awareness can be a costly mistake for any business.

Women are diverse and intricate beings that have very different needs. The feminine design is as complex as the audience it tries to reach and the term only vaguely defines a type of design.  You can’t just assume that all women have the same aesthetic values because there is a huge difference in taste between a teenage girl and a woman in her forties.

You need to research your target audience before you choose a logo for your company since it is the only way to find out which visual style your potential clients like. Sticking to obsolete concepts won’t get you the results you’re hoping for, and you must keep track of the latest trends on the market. Over the course of the last decade, we’ve heard numerous debates about gender equality, and in a way, contemporary feminine logos reflect the idea of equality among genders.

Even the global beauty brands that were famous for their feminine visual identity are starting to blur the lines between genders in their marketing campaigns. A tendency towards generalization in these matters can reflect poorly on your product’s performance on the market and it is much better to think thoroughly about the messages you want to send through the logo you choose for your company. 

Empowering and inspiring women through logos and all other means of visual communication to follow their dreams and achieve their goals can prove to be a viable strategy that can help you increase the company’s revenue streams. Your brand’s visual identity needs to reflect its core values, and if your company supports feminist ideas, then your company’s logo should suggest that.

However, which feminine logo you’re going to opt for depends on a broad range of factors and not just the target group. The products and services your company offers, the market you’re trying to enter or the culture you’re fostering within the organization should all play an important role in the process of establishing the brand identity and ultimately choosing the feminine logo.

There are numerous websites where you can find hundreds of feminine logos, which makes picking the one for your company even more difficult. Such a vast selection of logos indicates that this type of graphic design is growing in popularity and that women spend as much money,  if not even more, on consumer products.

We’ve selected 25 feminine logos intending to help narrow down your search for the best logo for your brand, so let’s take a look at some of the most beautiful feminine logos in 2019.

1. Mermaid by Jelica Jeremic

little mermaid sleeping on the rock character logo
by Jelica Jeremic

2. Blooming Paper Flowers

blooming flower feminine logo
by Duda Morteo

3. Belle à Nuveau

beauty brand feminine logo
by Agnesema

4. Q Beauty

q beauty black and white feminine logo
by Panter

5. Women head logo

women head feminine logo

by Veronika Zuvic

6. Limitless flower logo

limitless flower motive feminine logo

7. Peacock by Spoon Lancer

peacock feminine minimalist logo blue on green background
by Spoon Lancer

8. Mrs. Cupcake     

cute cupcake logo
by Alfrey Davilla   

9. WeAllScream

ice cream logo
by maabdullah

10. Maizymoo & Lyric too

jar logo with vintage feminine motif
by El Maestro

11. Floral branding

floral branding gold color minimal feminine logo
by Ema Andrea

12. Provogue by Magdalena Witczak

provogue taste matters abstract logo
by Magdalena Witczak

13. The Curated Kitchen

the curated kitchen golden logo
by Becky Lord Design

14. Yugen Kinesiology

yugen kinesiology logo with flowers
by lemonandbirch

15. Silver Leaf Costumes

silver leaf handmade clothing vintage logo
by Tarragon Studios

16. Teasserie

organic tea leaf circular logo
by Nuebrands

17. Lone Oak Studio Fox Logo

vintage fox feminine logo
by Mad Pepper

18. Hand drawn floral logo

hand drawn feminine floral log
by Kayla Dzambo

19. Black Orchid

black orchid modern logo with feminine colors
by Oanna Turta

20. Florencia

florencia minimal logo
by Designed by Stela

21. Tubebe Box

mother and child holding a box logo
by CChic

22. Spring impala logo

spring impala stylized plants and flowers feminine logo
by Lo Molinari

23. Oh Hello Marhsmallow

marshmallow script font feminine logo
by Soniaydesignes

24. Minnie Jean Cookies by SHANAShay

old fashion women logo for cookies brand

by SHANAShay

25. The Flower Market

the flower market retro flower feminine logo
by austinminded

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