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Top 10 Samsung Galaxy S20 Mockups

Samsung Galaxy S20 has just been released, and it a massive improvement over the previous versions. After the 10th generation of the S series, Samsung has decided to start a new lineup.
Instead of S11, as expected, the first smartphone in this decade released by Samsung is Galaxy S20.

A designer needs to stay up to date with new technologies, trends, and emerging styles. The Tech world is advancing rapidly, with new devices coming out every year.
With that said, it’s unprofessional to use outdated mockups that incorporate old devices or models.

Here are 10 best Samsung Galaxy S20 Mockups currently available:

1. Samsung Galaxy S20 Top View

2. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Mockup

3. Hand Holding Samsung Galaxy S20

4. Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, And S20 Ultra

5. Isometric View Samsung Galaxy S20

6. Galaxy S20 Ultra Front And Back Mockup

7. Floating Galaxy S20 Ultra Mockup

8. Galaxy S20 Mockup

9. Samsung Galaxy S20 – 20 Mockups

10. Samsung Galaxy S20 Mockup

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