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The Best Warrior Logos For Inspiration

Warriors have an almost mythical place in modern society. As such, warrior logos and mascots are a prevalent theme.
War is a terrible thing, but most people have a strong admiration for warriors and warrior culture.

As a result, we connect the symbol of a warrior with strength, courage, and moral integrity.

This type of logos and mascot have a unique ability to unify communities and create an almost cult-like atmosphere.
If you ever watched a sports game, you will know what I mean.

Each type of warrior has a place and invoke an intense emotional reaction. Historical and cultural contexts provide depth and diversity. The most famous types are Vikings, Samurai, Ancient Greek Warriors (mainly Spartans).

Here are some of the best warrior logos for inspiration:

1. eSport Warrior Mascots

a) Spartan Warrior Mascot

spartan emascot logo
by Dexterous

b) Assassin Logo

warrior with a scar esport mascot
by Tri Suseno Ari Wibowo

c) Titan Warrior

spartan with a sword in hand mascot
by Dmitry Krino 

2. Negative Space Warrior Logos

a) Samurai Warrior

negative space samurai logo
by Eddy Tritten 

b) Eagle Legion

eagle legion negative space warrior logo
by UVAconcept

c) Knight Logo

negative space logo knight on the horse with a spear and shield
by Yuri Krasnoshchok

3. Minimal Style Warrior Logo

a) Samurai Warrior

minimal style samurai mascot
by Stevan Rodic

b) Kavalri Games

kavalri minimalist knight on a horse logo

by Zaladgan

c) Knight Logo

knight in a heavy armor
by modal_tampang

4. Minimal Icon Warrior Logo

a) Viking Warrior

by Maria_Krusteva 

b) Horse Knight

by James Wilson

c) Spartan Warrior

by UVAconcept

d) Spartan Helmet

by Leo Vela ( Muan ) 

5. Female Warrior Logo

a. Ancient Greece Warrior

by EllyFish

b. Rogue Knight eSport

by Dexterous

c. Female Knight

by tickstylestock

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