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Top Cat Logos for Inspiration

In ancient Egypt, cats represented power, fertility, and beauty. That’s where people’s interest in pet cats came from.

While in the design they can be used for a wide range of the business. They stand for agility, intimacy, comfort, and glamorous/luxury style.

Cat logos are often in companies like a veterinary clinic, pet care, pet hotels even some SAAS companies like

Here are 15+ handpicked cat logo examples by!

1. Rice Kitty

by Carlos Puentes | cpuentesdesign 

2. Yumi

by Maksim Marakhovskyi

3. Ana Maria Art

by alexandru marian

4. Ice Cream Cat

by catalyst

5. Bonjour

by OreskovicDesign

6. Charm Kity

by TamaCide

7. Proud Pet

by Mohi Hassan

8. Cat Cookie Logo

by Mochamad Arief

9. Boogie Cat

by Adliqi

10. Paris

by Piotr Gorczyca

11. Pocket Cat

by Motion Design School

12. Chat Cat Logo

by logorilla

13. Elgato Musica Logo

by Plogged

14. Musicat Logo

by Garasigrafis 

15. 2cat Design

by Roden Dushi

16. Game Pet Logo

by SimplePixel 

17. Curious Cat

by Lvasquez

18. My Fish

by Gennady Komarov

19. Pawesome Cats

by Berkan Duruman

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