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15+ Best Shopping Cart Logos for Inspiration

Most obvious and commonly used logos for any eCommerce business include a shopping cart in some way or form.
ECommerce is a booming business, with thousands of people purchasing online every day.
As a result, there is also a great number of shops opening. From general stores to niched down stores specializing in a specific type of products.

Additionally, competition is ever-increasing. As time goes by, specific stores will only have less time to capture customers interest.

The attention span of internet users is at the all-time low. This means your e-commerce store MUST look very professional and trustworthy.
Not to mention, every visitor needs to know right away he is on an eCommerce website.

When it comes to branding, shopping cart logos are a great solution.
However, there are so many variations of shopping cart logos. It can be a difficult task for a designer and store owner both to figure out a design that will stand out.

Here are some of the best shopping cart logos you can use for inspiration:

1. Colorful eCommerce Logo

colorful shopping cart logo

2. The Plant Store

the plant store plant in a shopping cart logo with a green background

3. Shopping Cart in Letter G logo

Shopping Cart in Letter G logo

4. Speeding Shopping Cart eCommerce logo

flames coming out of speeding shopping cart

5. Angry Face Shopping Cart Logo

angry face shopping cart

6. Avocado Shopping Cart branding

7. Data Chart eCommerce Logo

8. Shopping Cart Logo

9. Minimalist eCommerce logo

10. Leaf Cart Ecology Logo

11. Racing Flag Shopping Cart Logo

12. SR Initials Shopping Cart Logo

13. Baby Cradle Shopping Part

14. 123 shop eCommerce logo

15. Minimalist Cart on a spring

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