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Top 10 Pharmacy Logos for Inspiration

Pharmacy, in a general sense, is a science and practice of discovering, preparing, dispensing, and reviewing drugs.
It’s a broad science, closely related to medicine, natural sciences, and pharmaceutical science.
The term Pharmacy or Chemists can also mean an establishment in which pharmacy (science) is practiced.

Universal symbols of pharmacies are mortar and pestle, Rod of Asclepius, Bowl of Hygieia, and a green cross.
These are also the most common design elements you can find in pharmacy logos.

Shades of blue and green are the dominant colors in pharmacy logo pallets. Blue and green, in this case, are associated with hygiene, sanitation, and purity.

However, the pharmacy industry is very diverse. It’s impossible to limit it to these shapes and colors alone.
You can see some of that diversity on our list below.

Here are some of the best Pharmacy logos for inspiration:

1. Rod of Asclepius

Rod of Asclepius pharmacy logo
by Mersad Comaga

2. Neofarm Logo Design

neofarm mortar and pestle pharmacy logo
by PopArt Studio

3. Pure Heritage

vintage mortar and pestle logo design
by austinminded

4. Medfox

Medfox logo
by Simon Rico

5. Pharmacie Events Logo Explorations

pharmacie tree logo design
by James Donaldson

6. Eracleous Logo

pharmacy pills mortar and pestle logo design
by Roshan Negi

7. Pharm House Logo

Pharm House

8. Pharma De Ruyck Deinze

mortar and pestle retro vintage logo design
by Louis Bruyneel

9. Shaman Pharma Logo

Shaman Pharma Dream Catcher Logo
by SimplePixel

10. Andote Logo

pill butterfly logo design
by Sean Farrell

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