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TOP 25 Fruit Logo Designs for Inspiration

Fruit logos, and logos inspired by fruit, can be found in almost every industry. Interestingly, it appears some of these companies have nothing in common with fruit.
One of the most influential brands today uses it as its logo and brand name. 
You guessed it; we are talking about ‘Apple’.

But, is it just a coincidence, or a part of their strategy?

The strongest symbols often also appear in mythology and religions all around the world. They are deeply engraved in modern culture. Each fruit has a unique meaning or meanings.

Fruit, in general, is associated with abundance, fertility, and riches. Sometimes, it can also represent temptation, overindulgence, and earthly pleasures in general.

What does that mean for logo design and branding in general?

  • Your logo will be easily recognized by a broad audience. 
  • It’s possible to connect your fruit logo to a deeper meaning behind the fruit
  • With so many different meanings; you can attach your brand to the one that suits you the most

Without further ado, here are some of the best Fruit inspired Logos we could find:

1. Limoni

limoni lemon ispired minimalist logo
by George Bokhua

2. Orange

orange fruit logo
by Yoga Perdana

3. Milton Fruit Bowl

fruit bowl logo

4. Fruit Tree

fruit tree colorful logo design idea
by Anano Martsvaladze

5. Raha

raha fruit typographic logo
by ashiriz

6. Banana Bird

banana bird negative space logo
by Deividas Graužinis

7. Banana Creative

banana creative logo banana shaped as a pencil
by @didesainofficial

8. Yagodichka

cherry logo
by southpaw

9. Orange

orange inside of the O letter logo design
by  samdzine

10. AppBarry

app barry logo
by Dusan Sevarika

11. Orange Juice

orange juice creative fruit glass logo design
by Murti Sanjaya

12. Apple

apple fruit logo
by Singabera

13. Presnidavka

low poly apple fruit logo design
by Martin Sramko

14. Strawberry Logo

minimalist flat strawberry logo
by Omnium

15. Pineapple Dude

pineapple dude mascot logo
by Nick Kumbari

16. Ananas

minimalist low poly pineapple logo
by Jan Meeus

17. Sin

sin snake wrapped around an apple logo
by Alex Seciu

18. Elepple

elepple minimalistic elephant in an apple logo
by Garasigrafis 

19. Thumb Fruit

thumbs up orange fruit logo
by Zzoe Iggi

20. Citron

citron cafe and bakery logo lemon as a cup of coffee
by Dianna

21. Banana Dolphin

banana dolphin creative fruit logo
by galihmr_design 

22. Bahama Eats

bahama eats colorful tropical restaurant logo
by Inkyy

23. AppBerry

minimalist berry logo
by Dusan Sevarika

24. Watermelon

flat watermelon logo design
by Skydesigner

25. Kiwi-Tur

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