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9 Interesting & Eye-Catching Elements For Logos For Electrician Business

Being an excellent electrician requires dedication, but it also requires a proper website and branding. Inkyy is bringing you some elements for logos that you should use for your electrician business.

An interesting electrician logo will establish the brand identity, create an unforgettable presence, and arouse interest in potential customers.

This article has gathered some of our favorite elements for logos for electrician businesses that will inspire you!

Elements For Logos For Electrician Businesses

Remember, your logo is your elevator step. It has to tell the globe who you’re and what it’s about, and it must be adaptable to several environments. Whether it’s on an identity card, website, or side of the pickup, your logo should look great everywhere.

Inkyy Web Design For Electricians - Elements for Logos For Electrical Business by Inkyy
Inkyy Web Design & Branding Studio

Not sure where to start? Let’s encourage your creativity with some logo success stories.

1. Lightning Bolt

The classic electric logo design features lightning. There are some ways to include lightning symbols into a design, whether found in text or other symbols.

Some use yellow or orange within the design of lightning (colors that are most frequently related to electricity), however, some designs use other light colors like blue.

2. Lightbulb

Another popular element employed in the planning of electrical logos is the light bulb. The same as lightning, a light-weight bulb is installed in many other objects.

What we love about the bulb logo is that it not only symbolizes electricity but also represents great intentions, bold thoughts, and endless possibilities.

A light bulb seems to be a clear choice, but there are many ways to make it feel completely new, and to use this as one of your elements for logos.

3. Plug Elements For Logos

The silhouette of the plug doesn’t need to be a part of the annoying electrician logo. Instead, it can elevate you to unexpected heights. When working with negative space, the geometric qualities of the plug can create a chic, sophisticated aesthetic

In some embodiments, the plug is created within the shape of a letter, or the body of the plug consists of letters; some designers have turned smart plugs into bees, cameras, or water droplets. These designs offer bright and fun colors.

4. Vintage-Style

Electricity was invented in 1879 and since then electricians are doing their thing. The inspiration for the electrician’s logo often goes hand in hand with the vibration of the return, directing the timeless spirit of this old-school gig.

Vintage aesthetics may be created in a very different style of ways, like a faded font or a muted color palette.

Whatever the approach, be thoughtful, strategic, and fresh in your past nods. Remember: vintage-inspired doesn’t mean obsolete.

5. Sun & Solar Elements For Logos

The central part of some designs is the sun for alternative energy. Most of those logos have solar panels in various places like the roof or maybe the igloo. Some logos use the sun in clever ways, sort of a zipper or a seemingly rising sun. Such designs use bright and warm colors.

6. Beyond the Bolt

We love when a brand goes above and beyond it and creates a logo that’s unexpected but still completes the work. This will be achieved in a variety of ways, like the clever use of negative space within the optical logo or the way within which thick lines achieve a way of brightness.

However, if you choose to travel beyond the screw, just make it your own. Do what you would like to try to do to form your brand shine, not flicker.

7. Wiring & Circuit

Other logo designs contain another important part of electricity: electrical wiring or assemblies. Some designs shape the car into letters or other objects like an eagle or a cactus, some are simpler with a wire or circuit placed next to the brand text. These logos use bright colors.

8. Classic Elements For Logos

Sometimes a simple logo can help a lot. If you are looking for a simpler and more corporate logo idea, just your company’s name is enough. From Coca-Cola to Facebook, many well-known companies have opted for logos.

9. Icon Design

Flat style design icons are also a popular logo look, as they look good on prints and other materials. You can go wild and create a whole set of icons for other branding ventures, such as web design and alternative brands.

If you’re going to start a business that involves electricity (whether it’s an electrician, employment with solar panels, or starting electric cars), you have got to come to the proper place.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to style an electrical logo professionally. You’ll be able to hire an expert from the Inkyy pool of designers! Get in contact with one in creating your own electric logo design.

Our huge fund of talented logo designers will facilitate your getting the proper electric theme logo for your business!

It’s never too late to begin taking your branding seriously! Get that perfect electric logo today!

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