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Become a Better Web Designer With This Advice

Are you a web designer and want to improve? The main question is how to become a better web designer?

Improvement is something you need to keep in mind: it will make your work much more enjoyable and your boss happier. The quality you will deliver will improve.

Like everyone, you want to enjoy your job and produce good quality. Website design is a field filled with creativity, yet how can you improve your skills and become a successful web designer?

Let’s find out.

Two Methods of Learning to Become a Better Web Designer

There are two types of learning, theory, and practice. One of the frequent topics of conversation is how important college education is. The argument ultimately boils down to the importance of theory (school) versus experience (work). Probably the best way to learn is to combine the two.


Learning through theory is learning from the experience of others. The design has a long history and there are many years of thinking about design from which you can learn.

Unfortunately, I think many design blogs focus far on how not to offer the why. For instance, you get recipes instead of learning to cook. Recipes indisputably have value, but if you understand how to cook, then you can surely create your recipes rather than relying on the recipes of other people.

One of the reasons I focus on theory and principles here is that I think design theory is underrepresented on the web.


Where theory learns from the experience of others, practice learns from its own experience. The theory is often taught under ideal conditions. The real world is rarely ideal, It is one thing to know something intellectually, and another to know it by experiencing it.

However, practice without theory is undirected. Without theory, without a solid foundation, it may take you thousands and thousands of hours to reach the same level of expertise.

Advice To Become a Better Web Designer

Below we list a few tips that can improve your web design skills that you may consider:

Improve your perspective

The challenge that many website designers face these days, in addition to creating an attractive website design or balancing a pile of information, is to effectively manage their professional lives.

The work of a web designer is not limited to making a website look beautiful; you will need to manage everything necessary for a successful business.

This goes from planning to executing marketing and communication strategies. As a web designer, you need to be professional and astute in every step you take.

Avoid hectic color schemes

With so many wonderful hues and shades, it’s easy to overdo it with color. Although bright and bold color schemes are the cornerstone of many designers’ aesthetics, when you put too many colors too close, the visual noise created outweighs the rest of the web design.

Stick to a simple color palette and neutral background colors. The subdued background makes examples of colors, such as colors on call-to-action buttons, menu items, or other design elements, stand out and get the attention they deserve. Sometimes all you need is a white, black or neutral background.

Effective communication

A web designer must be a good communicator so that he can listen to his clients and share useful recommendations and suggestions at the right time.

How well you understand the customer’s ideas and render your own to them will without a doubt reflect your professionalism as a designer.

Website design says a lot about related business. The goal, vision, and business goals of your client should be visible in the web design itself. In short, the design should communicate with visitors.

Search for great design examples

You should always look for a great design. Educate and inspire yourself by launching a comprehensive design collection. Browse various magazines and local books to get more exposure, you can also follow designer blogs on the Internet and browse popular online communities where you will learn a lot.

Use a sketchbook

When you need to organize a concept and get new ideas, just take your sketch and start designing how your inspiration flows. Tablets also allow you to sketch easily, but the feeling of creating a design on paper is irreplaceable.

This technique can improve your achievements through the brainstorming phase, so the whole design process will be more efficient.

Planing before acting

Designers are good planners. It is very important to plan and research well before embarking on the essential process of your profession. Research your client’s company, ask clients what they expect from your work, and research what your competitors intend.

Get to know the trends in the industry and apply them in your real business. Although planning is hectic, it can save you time in the long run.

Consider the images you include

Images integrated into the look of a web design have a big impact on the overall look and feel of a website. Poorly captured images with blurred focus and questionable composition can detract from even the brightest design. Generic photos can exhaust the life of a design, leaving it mild and uninspiring. Using high-quality photos is an easy way to enhance your design.

Keep Learning, Stay Updated & You Will Become a Better Web Designer

Web design is a discipline to master that can last a lifetime. As if that wasn’t hard enough, it’s also a field that is evolving every second as technology advances. Therefore, you need to learn every day and to be updated non-stop to improve your web design skills and elevate them to a new level.

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