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15 Best Free Perfume Bottle Mockups

The quality of any product is just one of the elements that are needed for its commercial success. Every little detail, from a font used to write the product’s name to package design, is equally important and deserves an identical amount of attention. Designing perfume bottles, however, requires a great deal of creativity because your creation will be facing fierce competition. Brands like Diesel, Armani or Yves Saint Laurent are famous for bold and groundbreaking perfume bottle designs. These objects are in a way precious works of art that reflect the values of the entire fragrance line. This is the reason why the process of designing a perfume bottle can sometimes be painstakingly long.

The solution that is going to be accepted depends on the client’s vision and the message they wish to communicate with their potential customers. Sometimes a bold design can be a more acceptable option than a more standardized and conventional design we’ve seen on so many different perfume bottles. Items like a stiletto shoe or rock have already been used as a source of inspiration for fragrances that aimed to attract the customers who are interested in fashion or are searching for a perfume that celebrates the perks of being spontaneous, genuine and natural.

Coming up with a truly inspiring perfume bottle design is much harder than it looks, and it often happens that a designer needs to make multiple adjustments to the solution a client has accepted. That’s one of the reasons why professional perfume bottle designers often use mock-ups to present their designs to clients since they can be easily customized to meet the demands of a particular project.        

Besides, mock-ups can be quite useful for graphic designers who are creating an advertisement for a perfume. The designer can change the background quickly, add text layers that contain the product’s and manufacturer’s name or combine the mock-up with other visual elements. Mock-ups are ideal for presentation of perfumes because they enable the designer to show the client how to product is going to look like. What’s more, it is much easier to make the changes if any are required if you use mock-ups, than it is if you made the entire first draft of the design from scratch.

Creating a new mock-up from start to finish is a time-consuming process, and time is a resource you don’t always have. That’s why it is much faster to download a mock-up from the Internet and adjust it to the project you’re working on. Fortunately, there are so many websites where you can download mock-ups for free, which enables you to find perfume bottles that are perfectly suited for the project you’re currently working on. Keep in mind that there are also a number of websites that let you download mock-up for a small fee, but in this article, we are going to focus on options you can use even if you don’t have a budget.

We narrowed down a selection to just fifteen to help you find some of the best free perfume bottle mockups easily.

Here is a list of the best free perfume and cologne bottle mockups available:

1. Perfume bottle by Hexen Design

2. Luxurious Mock-up  by Vectorpouch

3. Spay bottle by Vectorpocket

4. Perfume spray by Vectorpouch

5. Round bottle by Vectorpocket

6. Perfume bottle and package by Wassim Awadallah

7. Cologne Perfume Bottle by DesignBolts

8. Round Perfume bottle and packaging by PSDMockups

9. Scented Fragrance Glass Perfume Bottle  by PSDMockups

10.Perfume Mockup by Jess Watters

11. Perfume bottle by Nouman Ali

12. Perfume bottle and boxes by Artboard Studio

13. Perfume bottle by Divine Works

14. Perfume bottle and packaging by Serafeim

15. Perfume bottle and packaging by MassDream Studio


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