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Top 12 Free Calendar Mockups

Time flies, that is one of the facts of life we can never change. We all do so many different things on a daily basis that forgetting about an upcoming business meeting is relatively easy. Planning our time carefully and always knowing exactly which day of the month it has never been more important than today. That is one of the reasons why most companies add calendars to the list of promotional items they produce every year. An elegantly designed calendar can be a perfect gift for a company’s new business partner or a token of appreciation they send to their long-term clients. Such a gift shows that you understand that the time is a valuable resource and that you want your business associates to carefully plan how they spend this resource.  

Creating a new calendar from scratch requires a sizeable budget, but a simple calendar mockup can offer a quick solution to this problem. An increasing number of companies chooses to cut their expenses and entrust the job of making a wall or a desk calendar to their designers. There are hundreds of calendar mockups that can be downloaded for free from the Internet that can be easily customized to fit any company’s branding strategy.

How to find calendar mockups

The vast selection of calendar mockups that is available online allows designers to find an effective solution for the calendar they are designing, as these mockups offer more than enough space for the company’s logo, photos or illustrations and the dates of each month to be added. Most calendar mockups are available as PDF files that can be opened in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. However, very few of them contain more than just the front page and in most cases, the designer has to create all other pages of the calendar if they are needed.

Mockups are frequently used to create a presentation preview of how a calendar is going to look like as a finished product. This is particularly useful in the early stages of the process of creating a new calendar when the project is not yet approved, as it allows the designer to present the solution they’ve come up with to the client. Once a particular visual style is selected designers can continue developing the calendar and adding the necessary visual elements.

Furthermore, calendar mockups are available in different sizes, so you can download mockups in DL, A5 or A6 sizes and in resolutions that go as high as 3000X2000 pixels. Each PSD file comes with neatly organized layers that can be customized quickly with smart objects. In addition, the background of most calendar mockups can be changed easily which enables the designer to place the mockup into different contexts. The collection we’ve put together contains both wall and desk calendar mockups that are suitable for a broad range of projects. We hope that you are going to find the mockup that will make the work on your current project somewhat easier.

Here is our list of best free calendar mockups:


free calendar mockup in psd

2. Horizontal Wall Calendar Mockup

horizontal wall calendar mockup template

3. Wall Calendar

wall calendar mockup

4. Desk Calendar Mockup

mockup of desk calendar

5. Free Wall Calendar Mockup PSD

wall calendar mockup

6. Free Desktop Calendar Mockup 

free desktop flip calendar

7. Table Calendar Mockup Free PSD

table calendar psd mockup

8. Decorative Calendar Mockup

decorative wall calendar mockup

9. Calendar Corporate Identity

corporate identity psd calendar mockups

10. Desk Psd Calendar Mockup

desk psd  mockup

11. Vertical Desk Calendar Mockups

vertical standing on desk

12. Double Calendar

double mockup

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