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Bark leads for web design services? Worth or not

In this desperate corona time, I decided to find clients out of regular platforms. Bark website was looking nice to me however there was something wrong with this website.

I have read some reviews on Trustpilot and I notice that they are getting a river of 5-star reviews from ONLY AND ONLY invited people “This Company sent a review invitation outside of Trustpilot’s systems. Reviews collected this way are automatically labeled invited”

Why Bark is worse than you think

–  £250 for 250 leads, that is enough for 8 – 12 leads

– They will charge you £300, not £250 (£50 hidden tax)

– They will turn on auto-fill credit without your permission

– They will refuse to refund your money even you didn’t spend your credit

– I have contacted 10 leads via email, the message even call and LinkedIn got 0 responses

– You going to most likely spend your leads on people who testing bark, I made a request for a lead in less than 20 sec

– Less than £250 for an e-commerce website? This is a joke you need to spend £25 to view a lead from someone who asked for a 25 pages e-commerce website.


If you are a web design, developer or you offer any other type of online services don’t waste your time on the bark. £250 is way too much for few probably fake leads. You can find the same or better leads on platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, and similar.

Update 11.14.2020

3 people just closed an their request at the same moment? what are chances for that … This is just another proof that bark is nothing more then SCAM

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