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15+ Best Star Logos For Inspiration

Star logos are widely used in all kinds of industries and companies all around the world.
Entertainment companies were the ones that most commonly had star-inspired logos. However, stars are a universal symbol that is way too powerful to be contained in that way.
Ancient civilization, almost without exception, had a profound knowledge of stars. They studied their brightness, position, relations with each other, and even attributed meanings to them.
There is something mysterious and profound that makes us wonder and desire to reach them.
If you live in a big city today, it’s really hard enjoying the night sky as our ancestors did. Still, that fact didn’t diminish the influence of stars as universal symbols. It only allowed it to evolve and spread its influence.

Star logos today come in all kinds of different shapes and colors.
Some of these star logos only barely resemble the shape of the real star.

Take a look at our list of some of the best star logos you can use for inspiration:

1. Aranno logo design

by Md Rasel

2. Star logo

by alon_kelakon

3. Blue Star

by Logo Supra 

4. StarTalk logo

by Vadim Korotkov

5. Wip3

by Kakha Kakhadzen

6. Shooting Star

by David Kovalev ◒

7. Star

by Omnium 

8. Code Star

by Logo Positive

9. Summit Star

by Andrew 

10. Love Star

by Onur Yumak

11. All Positive Energy

by Adolfo Teixeira

12. Cute Star

by Igor Levin

13.Bright Star

by Ocularink

14. Lighthouse star

by Daniel Bodea 

15. Novanet

by Raja

16. Royal Star

by @_lucasfields

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