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Top 30 web design examples

Main purpose of landing page web design is to make a great first impression to your customer. Beside that, it is extremely import for the visitor to know what is websites purpose.
Next, you need to be clear in what you are offering and guide a visitor to the rest of the website.

As a result, web design has steered away from the cluttered, messy past and moved toward simple and efficient design.

Here are top 30 web design examples you can use for inspiration:

1. PlayStation Virtual Reality Website Design by Kazi Mohammed Erfan

playstation VR web design

2. Landing Page for PLATFORM by Martin Strba web design landing page

3. Company Landing Page by Saepul Rohman

Etherium transaction site web design purple

4. IT company or Digital agency web design by Mythics Design

IT web design

5. Dspot – Web by Javier Oliver

web design example

6. Homepage for an Optical Fiber Provider by Web Efficient

website design

7. Agency Web Design by Jenn Pereira

web design

8. REPQQ – E-Commerce landing page by Robert Berki

9. Sinensis – Personal Blog Web Designby Azhari Subroto

Blog website design

10. Food & Restaurant website by Rostislav

Food web design

11. Onshore — Web Design in Xd by Dann Petty

Website design ocean surf

12. Framer Web Design Template by Jurre Houtkamp

Steamer Lane website design

13. Teachable – Features by Balkan Brothers

teachable web design

14. Bugsnag by Robbin Cenijn

website design

15. Clever Music by Blaz Robar

instaclever web design

16. Agency Landing Page [PSD] by Metro

creative logo design

17. Material Kit – Figma by Creative Tim

web design

18. Home Loan Landing Page Concept 04 by Masudur Rahman 

home loan landing page web design

19. Hexagon Portfolio | FREE PSD by Mahmud Saeef

green hexagon web design

20. modern slider by Sebastian Stapelfeldt

modern slider website dog pink

21. My new portfolio website by Will Kelly

web design

22. Thriva Web design by Joe Furr

heath care web design

23. elgastrom – Energy provider landing page by Robert Berki


24. DribbbleFoliov2- Dribbble Portfolio HTML Template -Free Download by Vineeth G S

web design

25. Product & Service Project / Marketing Website by Neopix

website design

26. Poliigon Case Study by Pixelmatters

web design

27. Landing Page Design by Aryana Shakibaei

landing page web design

28. Kingdom Supply Co – Website Design by Aaron Lynch

web design

29. Just Chefs One Page Design by Kris Bradbury

just chefs web design

30. New version Gibbon website by Wouter de Bres

web design

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